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///   ABOUT   ///

momentarily records
 was founded in 2022 to release selected music from the fields of drone, ambient, minimal and experimental. The label focuses on quality and works out subtle differences in each work. The releases feature special and tangible music composed exclusively for momentarily records.

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///   RELEASES   ///

All releases on momentarily records have been created and developed in collaboration with the artists and bands. Releases are limited to 30 copies and come in a unique and handcrafted package. Composed of different materials - new or used, sculpted or adapted, found or purchased - the artwork was conceived for the respective release and made in d.i.y. manner.

Each release costs €15.00 and is packed with bubble wrap and shipped in a secure shipping carton. Additional postage costs may vary due to the weight of individual releases. The country of origin of the customer also plays a role in the shipping costs - the shipping country is Germany.

For more information and purchase inquiries please visit Bandcamp or write to: hello @ momentarilyrecords . com


Alessio Dutto "Dentro"

Genre: Ambient / Drone / Dark / Minimal

Side A: Dentro I / Dentro II
Side B: Dentro III / Centro IV

Instruments & Sound generators: Pipe organ & digital processes

Written, played, recorded, mixed & mastered by Alessio Dutto

Dentro is an album created using the pipe organ and electronic audio processes. It is a work that explores the concept of the materiality of sound and the representation of space through it. The packaging consists of a handmade cardboard box with a foil print. It includes a tea light in a home-made holder and matches showing the credits. (Click here for impressions.)


Blanket Swimming "Of Form and Formlessness"

Genre: Drone / Ambient

Side A: Waves Crash And Reform
Side B: Palm Leaves Resting After A Strong Wind

Instruments & Sound generators: Electric guitar, Rolang Gaia SH01, Korg MS2000, Korg Volca FM & effects

Written, played, recorded, mixed & mastered by Nicholas Maloney

Both sides recorded live in single takes during October 2022. The packaging is a multi-layered collage based on coffee packaging, photographic paper, prints and adhesives. The prints are based on a self-justified stamp and are each a section of the overall image. The artwork was conceived and realized by Moritz Böckmann. (Click here for impressions.)


Jonathan Deasy "Le Flétrissement"

Genre: Drone / Minimal

Side A: Dôme
Side B: Les Profondeurs

Instruments & Sound generators: 6 String Electric Baritone Guitar, 6 String Electric Guitar, Tube Amplifiers, Loop Pedals, Distortion and Reverb, Tape Echo & patience 

Written, played, recorded & mixed by Jonathan Deasy / Mastered by Phil Maguire

The degradation of a tape loop and the saturation of a driven tube created an idea of sustain, meditation and patience. Embrace the overtone. Conceived in Clermont, France and recorded in Cork, Ireland Summer 2022. The packaging is composed of a colored zip bag, a small mirror and paper. (Click here for impressions.)


Brian Grainger "Dissolving in a Body"

Genre: Drone / Experimental / Minimal

Side A: Blue Session
Side B: Yellow Session

Instruments & Sound generators: R-EW Audioholistics generative system & modular processing path

Written, played, recorded & mixed by Brian Grainger / Mastered by The Analog Botanist

Recorded live without edits or overdubs on the evening of July 26, 2020, using the R-EW Audioholistics system in conjunction with Mackie ProFX8 & Peavey FX2 mixing consoles, and Squier & Park amplifiers. The O-Card complemented with stained wood is in a small cloth bag. The credits were embedded in the wood via a paper roll. (Click here for impressions.)


N(108) "Vielank/Woosmer"

Genre: Drone / Dark / Minimal

Side A: Vielank
Side B: Wossmer

Instruments & Sound generators: Guitar

Written, played, recorded, mixed & mastered by N

Vielank / Woosmer is the most minimal N release so far. According to the ‘N-concept’  it is a one take ‘live’ recording without later overdubs or corrections. The packaging also consists of milled, oiled veneer plywood & a paper envelope for the cassette. (Click here for impressions.)

momentarily records T-Shirt

Hand-printed on earth positive shirts by ok harbour.

Available sizes: M / L /  XL

Price: €15,00