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All releases on momentarily records have been created and developed in collaboration with the artists and bands.

Releases are limited to 30 copies and come in a unique and handcrafted package. Composed of different materials - new or used, sculpted or adapted, found or purchased - the artwork was conceived for the respective release and made in d.i.y. manner.

Each release costs €18.00 and is packed with bubble wrap and shipped in a secure shipping carton. Additional postage costs may vary due to the weight of individual releases. The country of origin of the customer also plays a role in the shipping costs - the shipping country is Germany.

For more information and purchase inquiries please visit Bandcamp or write to: hello @ momentarilyrecords . com


N(108) "Vielank/Woosmer"
Genre: Drone / Dark / Minimal

Side A: 01. Vielank
Side B: 02. Wossmer

Instruments & Sound generators: Guitar

Written, played, recorded, mixed & mastered by N


Brian Grainger "Dissolving in a Body"
Genre: Drone / Experimental / Minimal

Side A: 01. Blue Session
Side B: 02. Yellow Session

Instruments & Sound generators: R-EW Audioholistics generative system and modular processing path

Written, played, recorded & mixed by Brian Grainger / Mastered by The Analog Botanist

Release information: Vielank / Woosmer is the most minimal N release so far. According to the ‘N-concept’  it is a one take ‘live’ recording without later overdubs or corrections.

Release information: Recorded live without edits or overdubs on the evening of July 26, 2020, using the R-EW Audioholistics system in conjunction with Mackie ProFX8 & Peavey FX2 mixing consoles, and Squier & Park amplifiers.

Production information:  The packaging also consists of milled, oiled veneer plywood and a paper envelope for the cassette. (Click here for impressions.)

Production information: The O-Card complemented with stained wood is in a small cloth bag. The credits were embedded in the wood via a paper roll. (Click here for impressions.)


Jonathan Deasy "Le Flétrissement"

Genre: Drone / Minimal

Side A: 01. Dôme
Side B: 02. Les Profondeurs

Instruments & Sound generators: 6 String Electric Baritone Guitar, 6 String Electric Guitar, Tube Amplifiers, Loop Pedals, Distortion and Reverb, Tape Echo and patience 

Written, played, recorded & mixed by Jonathan Deasy / Mastered by Phil Maguire

momentarily records T-Shirt

Hand-printed on earth positive shirts by ok harbour.

Available sizes: M / L /  XL
Price: €18,00

The degradation of a tape loop and the saturation of a driven tube created an idea of sustain, meditation and patience. Embrace the overtone. Conceived in Clermont, France and recorded in Cork, Ireland Summer 2022.



The packaging is composed of a colored zip bag, a small mirror and paper. (Click here for impressions.)


Further publications are being discussed and / or are already being prepared: Jonathan Deasy, Blanket Swimming, [ B O L T ], Alessio Dutto...